How to make an oozing pumpkin

How to make an oozing pumpkin

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Here is What You Need

Lay out a trash bag or tarp to protect the surface.

Add 30mL of 6% hydrogen peroxide to a small cup.

Add a squirt of dish soap to the hydrogen peroxide.

Add some food coloring for effect.


Add a packet of dry yeast to another small cup.

Add 30 mL of warm water to the cup.


Carefully place the hydrogen peroxide mixture into the carved pumpkin.

Quickly pour the yeast mixture into the pumpkin (making sure it goes into the other cup) and close the lid.

Watch as your pumpkin turns into a monster right before your eyes!

Watch the video: OOZING PUMPKIN. Super Easy HALLOWEEN science experiment for kids (July 2022).


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