How to use the ti-84 to create a linear equation

How to use the ti-84 to create a linear equation

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Press the STAT button.

Select 1: Edit under the Edit tab.

Enter all x values into the L1 column. Simply press enter after each entry.

Now enter all corresponding y values into the L2 column. When finished double-check that there are equal numbers of x/y entries.

After entering all data into each list you must return to the STAT menu.

Go to the middle tab entitled CALC. Then select 4:LinReg. This is the linear regression function.

Once you see LinReg on the home screen, then press enter again.

You should now see the following format for your equation. The letter a is the coefficient of x (slope) and the letter b is the constant value at the end of the equation (y-intercept).

This process works for both modeling equations for lines of best fit using large sets of data as well as finding the equation of a line given two points.

Watch the video: 3 7+ how to create the linear equation in regression on ti84 (July 2022).


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