How to curl your hair

How to curl your hair

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Begin with hair that has been lightly hairsprayed and brushed. I use a 1&1/4 inch barrel. LETS GO!

Pull out a vertical section of hair from nape to the top of your head or as close as you can get

Start mid-shaft and curl up.

Open the clamp slightly and scoot the curling iron down to the ends, curl up again

Hold til you can feel the warmth on your hair

Pull out

I use UNITE 365 hairspray on heavy hold

Hairspray that whole side once you get done

Repeat on other side, don't forget to hairspray

For my bangs, I take out a layer

And curl under

Then I do the next section the same

This is how it looks once released. Hairspray this section too!

The I flip my head upside down and shake it!!!

I turn my head back up and place the curls where I want them. Run my fingers through a little...

Finished product!

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