How to make a sardine sandwich

How to make a sardine sandwich

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Butter both sides of two slices of bread.

Toast bread until golden brown.

Golden brown.

Place bread on a paper towel.

Make vinaigrette using olive oil and lemon juice, with salt and pepper to taste.

Place ingredients in a jar and shake.

Generously spread vinaigrette on one slice of bread.

On the other slice of bread, spread a small amount of garlic sauce.

Place tomato on the bread with the vinaigrette. (I forgot to buy tomato so I used sundries tomato). Put salt and pepper on top to taste.

Shred lettuce.

Place lettuce on top.

And onions.

Open sardine can. Note: you can substitute sardines for tuna or any other fish.

Place sardines on top.

Sprinkle feta cheese on top.

Close the sandwich.

Place on plate.


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