How to make use of almost gone make up

How to make use of almost gone make up

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Gather make up compacts you wish to use.

Crush thoroughly with any tool like a bobby pin or hair clip (pictured)

Repeat with other compacts and pour into the first compact.

Test to see if you like the shade!

Add other colors if you want your shade pinker, darker, lighter, etc. cinnamon and cocoa powder can be used this step.

Make sure the container you plan to use is clean. A small glass bowl would work well, or re use a compact container.

Pour mixture into container.

Use gift card to crush and mix until it is well blended.

Pour about half a cap of rubbing alcohol into mixture and mix.

Pat down with a piece of paper.

Smooth over with finger.

Sweep down sides to clean up.

All done! Let dry for a few hours until it is completely dry. My container is a little to big but still cool.

Throw away old compacts or save for future projects.

Watch the video: Neutral matte makeup tutorial (July 2022).


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