How to make ridiculously easy &yummy whole wheat waffles

How to make ridiculously easy &yummy whole wheat waffles

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Ingredients. See list for specifics

Separate the 3 eggs

Beat egg whites. Here's the proverbial info you always hear: beat until stiff peaks formed. I think mine are ok bc they look like how they do on FoodNetwork. FYI: it takes forever, yes, that's normal

Add: milk, oil and eggs together

Mix mix miiixxx

Sift dry ingredients into wet ingredients. If you don't have a sifter I'm pretty sure it's not the end of the world. My mom never does this bc she has ADD & it's too much for her. I'm OCD so I sift.

Kinda thick ish? But shouldn't be super thick. You may need to add another splash of milk if it's sticky thick, but remember the egg whites will fluff it up as well

Fold egg whites in. Don't put all in at once (I'm assuming you know this, but just in case you don't...) I add it by 1/3rds of the bowl. Some do half and half. Fold it in gently.

Maybe you will happen to make a heart like me

I put just under one cup of batter in the waffle maker and it doesn't leak out for me. (My mom refuses to measure it and it leaks all over so if you don't want leaks, try measuring it hehe)

Yummy waffles!! My 3 yr old loves these. I grew up w my mom being a health nut so these were the only kind I was allowed to eat as a child but they are still the kind I prefer today! Hope you enjoy

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