How to start running from nothing

How to start running from nothing

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There are so many shoes to choose from. I like going to running stores for help. I didn't get help when I first started and bought shoes that hurt my feet. Not good.

You don't need fancy clothes to run in, but it helps motivate me!

I'm not a doctor, not a trainer and have no classes to base anything I'm saying on except for my personal experience. You have to decide for yourself where to start and what you can do!

I've done lots and lots of reading about running and have used lots of different people's advice. Jeff Galloway is the best in my opinion!

Ready to start? I'm going to give you some guidelines as if you have been sitting on the couch for the past five years. Start where you can!

If you have a smartphone download the free app called Runkeeper!

Open Runkeeper and start activity. You don't have to worry about setting up anything. All you want today is for it to track your distance. Day one: Walk for at least 15 min. Try for 30!

Day 2 (yes, it could be the next day.. Or it could be three days later.. Or a week. I get it!) Today you are going to run! Open Runkeeper on your phone and let's get started!

This is what it looks like when you open Runkeeper up.

We are going to create a workout. Select workout.

You won't have many workout choices. Select one offs (the center tab) and add new workout.

Select add new action.

Make sure you select the TIME tab!! Then select 30 seconds and fast. There isn't a save button. Just get the interval made and hit back.

Now select add new action again.

Once again, make sure it is on time and select 2 minutes steady. You will be WALKING during this time!

Look at workout options, change the repeat option!

I use until I stop my activity. You might want to only go thru the walk/run cycle a set number of times. I train for time and distance, not repeats. It's a personal choice.

At this point, name your activity and save it!

Now select it!!

Now we are ready to start!

Start with a five minute walk. No, I don't use Runkeeper for this. I don't want it to mess up my pace!

After your 5 minute warm up, start Runkeeper and jog for 30 seconds then walk for 2 minutes. Repeat this for 30 minutes.

When you are finished save your workout and be proud of it!! Share with friends!

How do you feel? Too easy?? Too hard? Just right? If you were challenged: keep this workout until its comfortable.

You can do the run/walk/run interval training with confidence! You are not alone! You are not a slacker for walking! It is your training program!

Now try to build up to running 3 days a week. I like to run 30 min on Tues. and Thurs. then on Sat or Sun try to go 45 minutes. If this is too much, 1/2 it! 15, 15 and 22!

This is me three months into a complete me makeover. I lost almost 40 pounds and went from sitting on the couch to running a 10k. Three months later, a 1/2 marathon!

Here I am one year later! Still running and loving life! I'm training for a marathon! My fastest mile now is now at 8 minutes and I train at a 10:15 pace for 13+ miles!!!

And yes, I still take scheduled walk breaks!!!

Watch the video: I Ran A Marathon With Only Ten Weeks Of Training (July 2022).


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