How to make bottle cap snowmen

How to make bottle cap snowmen

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Wipe all caps down with rubbing alcohol to remove oils, beer, pop, etc. You can also heat you caps and remove the rubber ring on the inside. I didn't know how to do this until after this.

Paint caps, inside and out, with white acrylic paint. It should take about 2-3 coats. Don't forget the sides!

Once they are completely painted and dried, draw on a small orange triangle for the nose and the coal face and buttons. I found the best marker is the Papermate liquid Expesso-Med point.

Now flip the little guys over and start putting them together. You can see how I have glued them together. I cut a piece of ribbon to the length I needed to attach each bottle cap plus enough for a...

hanger. I would not recommend hot glue as it just popped right off and took the paint with it. I used E-600 and it worked great. I eyeballed aligning the face and buttons to be straight.

Once the glue dried I took a black stamp pad and lightly rubbed the edges to give him some character. I decided to do this at the last minute so doing this before attaching the ribbon would...

be a little easier. I also took a little glitter and just rubbed the inside of each cap with a tiny bit of it. I didn't use glue, you know because little sticks to anything without assistance. ;)

Now to dress him/her. I picked yarn that was nice and full and a matching tiny button. I tied the yarn once loosely around the "neck" and then glued the button at the knot.


So cute and so easy!!

Watch the video: DIY December. Bottlecap Snowmen (July 2022).


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