How to make strawberry cream cheese

How to make strawberry cream cheese

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If you're running low on strawberries, you could always add other berries, whatever kind you like. If fresh berries are out of season, you could always use frozen; just thaw them first.

WASH the strawberries well. Cut the tops off of them.

Add the strawberries, cream cheese (it is best if it's slightly softened, just let it sit on the counter a couple minutes) and confectioners' sugar to your food processor.

My food processor doesn't have any settings, so I just let it run until I see a nice creamy mixture with no big lumps. If yours has settings, you can probably run it on a pretty low one.

Nicely mixed!

Move your strawberry cream cheese to a plastic container that has a lid and store in the fridge until you want to use it. Great for stuffed French toast, bagels... You name it!

Use the same guidelines for usage as you would for regular cream cheese- most are best if used within 14 days. Be careful, and throw out any unused portion if you think it has gone bad.

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