How to make a cute crafty owl

How to make a cute crafty owl

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Get a polystyrene ball and some fabric

Wrap the fabric around the ball, and cut it

You should have a rough circle

Now get a needle and thread, and tie it(I forgot the expression!)

Now start sewing...

A running stitch!

It doesn't mater if it isn't neat, because your not going to see it

At the end DO NOT TIE IT OFF!

Place the ball in the middle

And start pulling the needle and thread, so it scrunches up

Keep going

Almost there

So close now


After its all scrunched up, add a few last stitches and tie off

Like this

Cut the thread!

Trim the scrunched up bit to make it flatish

Like so

On the other side, it should be smooth like this

You can flatten it slightly if it doesn't stand up

There we go!

Cut two pieces of brown felt

Cut two smaller pieces of cream felt

Cut two tiny circles with black felt

Stack them on top of each other, and glue them together

Put glue on the back of the eyes

And stick them on your owl

Cut two wing shapes with brown and stick them on the owl


Put the on the side

Cut two feet shapes with creme felt

Put glue on them

And stick them on the bottom of the owl

Now... It's missing a beak!

Cut a creme triangle


Stick it in between the eyes

Now cut two long triangles

Get some sharp scissors and make two small line holes where the ears would go

Sit the ear in the hole...

And press it down the hole slightly with your scissors

Now so the other one!

Ta da!! A cute owl!


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