How to make lumpia shanghai

How to make lumpia shanghai

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Gather your ingredients

Put all ingredients into a large bowl and act like a 1 year old squishing bananas with your fingers. Really mix until everything is well combined.

It's going to look like this.

Separate wrappers...they stick together and can be little monsters to peel apart.

Cover the wrappers with a damp cloth while you roll.

The wrapping station set up...are you ready?

Begin with a wrapper on your board. Take a tablespoon full of mixture.

Spread the mixture into a long thin line near the bottom of the wrapper.

This is a side view so you can see the shape of the's kind of triangular.

Fold the bottom of the wrapper over the mixture and press down to compress into a smooth roll.

Now roll all the way up, trying to keep the wrapper as tight as possible.

Use you finger dipped in a little water to moisten the end of the wrapper. Finish rolling and seal seam.

After some perseverance, and a little help, you can amass a large pile of lumpia shanghai! Growing up, mom and her friends would hang in the kitchen knocking dozens of these bad boys out.

In a large pan, fry the Lumpia Shanghai in batches. Be careful of splattering oil, use tongs to brown all sides.

When golden brown on all sides, the Lumpia is done.

Remove from pan and cut each roll into 3 pieces using a sharp knife or scissors. Serve with sweet chili sauce!

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