How to make a chatterbox/fortune teller

How to make a chatterbox/fortune teller

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Get an A4 piece of paper

Fold one corner down like this

Cut off the unfolded strip at the bottom

Now you should have a triangle

Unfold it, and you have a square!

Fold the square in half diagonaly

And the other way

When you unfold it you should have a square with a cross on it

Fold a corner into the middle

Like this

And do it with the other sides

Turn it over

And do the same on this side

Fold it in half

And unfold it

Open one of the flaps

And write either a fortune of a dare on each side

Do all the other flaps

Now fold them back in

And write the numbers 1-8 on each eighth

Fold it in half and write a color on each quarter

And on the other side

Add some scribbles of that color

To use it, fold it in half and pit your thumb and your pointer fingers in two of the gaps

Like this

And do that with the other hand. (I don't have a photo for it because i need to hold the camera!)

And now you know how to make a chatterbox, and how to use it! (If you didn't already know)


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