How to make vietnamese rolls

How to make vietnamese rolls

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Boil water for the noodles then after 2 minutes strain it and wash with cold water to prevent from sticking.

Boil and take the shells off the shrimp.

Slice the carrots long and thin.

Slice the cucumber long and thin.

Dip the rice paper in warm water for 1 Minute. Or less.

Place 2 shrimps on the rice paper.

Add the cilantro then carrots....

Then cucumber and the noodles.

Fold the end part then one side. It doesn't have to be so tight because it will break then overlap the otherside.

There you go!

Leave one end with cilantro hanging out to look better.

I had to wrap it with wax paper each to prevent sticking with each other.

Yum! Sauce is Hoisin and peanut butter with 2 tbspn of water, notso thin /thick Hoisin sauce comes in bottle and it could be sweet and salty to taste. Peanut butter thickens the sauce if that helps.

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