How to cook hawaiian chicken

How to cook hawaiian chicken

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I use around 5 fresh pineapples for blender to make the juice.

Make the sauce and put into the seal bag with chicken pieces. Suppose to wait chill for 4 hours but I start cooking after 1 hour marinated.

Add some oil, use the medium-high heat for grill pan. Discard the marinated sauce, cook for 15mins then add the remaining sauce to cook for another few minutes. Smell so good when I am cooking it.

In the meantime, prepare dressing for the salad.

Some cheetah cheese

1 stalk of celery, 2 pear and cheese cut into small cube and use half of the cabbage.

Mix 2 tbsb of honey and apple cider and 1/4 tsp of salt first, then add salad to stir well, set aside.

So yummy, next time I will try some rice with this dish too.

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