How to make eyeshadow primer

How to make eyeshadow primer

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Start with an empty container this is an old razer box

Add a few pumps or squirts of foundation any kind will work!

Then add in the same amount of concealer I just added some from Estée Lauder

Then I added in a small squirt of whipped moisturizer body butter will work bud don't add lotion!


All mixed up!!

Test a small section on your hand I'm rubbing straight across so I can show y'all how it worked compared to urban decay primer potion

Top is without any primer Middle is with our homemade Bottom is urban decay primer potion

Here it is all wrapped up

So I got primer potion for my birthday and was running out so instead of buying another $20 bottle I decided to make my own and I'm very happy with it

Thanks for looking through my guide!❌⭕❌⭕❌⭕❗

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