How to make a simple cheese dip

How to make a simple cheese dip

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Gather all ingredients

Unwrap velveeta and start cutting in to slices as shown

Done with that

Once done with slices cut each slice into strips

Cut into cubes and place in bowl

Open rotel can and pour it in


Place in microwave. Start with 2minutes and 22 seconds

Take out and stir. CAUTION: will be HOT

Place back in the microwave for another 2minutes and 22 seconds

Take back out and stir will be very hot. Mine has little clumps of the cheese pieces so if yours does just place it into microwave and cook it for 1 minute at a time it just depends on your microwave

DONE! It only took mine 1 more minute

This is really great for party's served with tortilla chips or buttered tortillas to dip with

Enjoy your delicious cheese dip! And share recipe with friends

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