How to create unique luminaria - cancerrelay for life

How to create unique luminaria - cancerrelay for life

Try to attend a Relay for Life event. It's truly inspiring to see the thousands of lit luminaria representing SO many people Cancer has affected!

Luminaria bags are provided for donations. I have decorated ours on site but I most enjoy doing them at home the week before where I have my supplies and more time to personalize them.

Go to to learn more.

Assemble colored markers. (RED & BLACK are a must) I like to add these festive party straws to them stand out.

If you have access to design software, a computer and printer, you can print out and mount some of your text and photos!

I like to add a cancer ribbon. Here are simple instructions for how to draw one. You can Google "Cancer awareness ribbon colors" to find out the color for a particular cancer.

Black lettering for loved ones who've passed on...

You can do your whole luminaria with markers. Remember names of survivors and those currently battling cancer are RED. BLACK is used for names of those passed away.

I love the little "fireworks" look a stapled in party straw gives. It's also easier to spot them.

Straws staple inside of bag easily.

I usually use 3 staples.

My husband, high school sweetheart braved tough chemo treatments in '08-09 for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, remission 3 years... relapsed '11, more chemo & bone marrow transplant April '12. He is my hero.

When sun sets each luminaria, containing a votive candle in sand is lit. It's breathtaking to walk through the paths lit by these!

Our admirable friends, husband and wife, both hit with tough cancer challenges. Their examples have touched many!

This year's all done and ready for our Relay!

Bonnie was a friend who lost her battle 3 weeks after the 2012 Relay.

If those you've created luminaria for cannot attend, be sure to take a photo of it for them. It is heartwarming and encouraging to know they were represented.

Watch the video: Stand Up 2 Finish The Fight (December 2021).