How to draw the tardis from doctor who

How to draw the tardis from doctor who

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First, draw a rectangle on your paper.

Next, Draw two skinnier and longer rectangle's on top of that.

Now, Add a box on top of the two rectangles. And add lines coming out from the box.

Next, you're going to draw a smaller rectangle in the top of the bigger rectangle. In the smaller rectangle you just drew, you will write the words police public call box.

Now draw a line down the center of the large rectangle.

Then, you add four boxes on the left and right sides of the line you just drew. The very top box will have two lines going down and one going across to make six boxes in the top box.

Now, you add to door handles next to the second box down. They should look like rectangles without one of their sides.

In the second box down on the left side write these words: Police telephone free for the use of public pull to open

Now all you have to do is color your drawing and outline it.

Add some color and some outline and you're done! :-)

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