How to cook rainbow paneer (cottage cheese)

How to cook rainbow paneer (cottage cheese)

Chop the spring onions. Cut the peppers in squares. Cut the cottage cheese block in small cubes. And assemble other ingredients for easy reach.. :)

This is how you need to cut the cottage cheese cubes.

In a pan heat the vegetable oil, then shallow fry the spring onion rings. Once the onion is cooked add the different colour pepper squares. Cook them for 5 mins.

Time to add salt, black pepper powder and the garam masala powder according to your taste. Cook them for 2 mins and the add tomato ketchup, about 3-4tbsp .Stir and mix well the spices with the peppers

Finally we will add the cheese cottage cubes with the spices and vegetables and cook for 5 more minutes. By this time spices would be fried and cooked properly, and gives a rich look.

Now we serve the cottage cheese into a plate and to enhance the taste you can add 1 tbsp of salted butter into this (it becomes truly yumm)! :) Serve it hot with steamed rice or roti (bread).

Here it is! A truly tasty, slightly spicy and the best thing a 15 minute recipe! I'm sure you will love this! Just like my young niece and nephew.. :)

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