How to make the *easiest* watermelon slush/ice

How to make the *easiest* watermelon slush/ice

Okay so it's summer, you've gotten the full or even the half watermelon but just didn't eat it all... What to do with it!?! Make watermelon ice!!

Put it in a bowl.

Cover with plastic.

Put it in the freezer for about 4 hrs. Depends on your freezer. Mines a mess btw lol.

Take it out. I had my freezer up way too high but it's all cool (haha see what i did there). It's frozen solid and that's what I want.

Shave away at your frozen watermelon. I'm using an ice cream scoop.

Put it in a cup and eat it! Simple! No additives, no blending. Just strait watermelon ice!

The kids love it and it's healthy!

The variation to this would be to scoop out the watermelon meat before freezing, mash it all up with a fork or potato masher, and put it in a bowl or baking dish or what have you. Then freeze it.

Easy peasy... Watermelon squeezy! A tip though, the watermelon is hard to scoop/scrape when frozen. Use a metal spoon or something with a sharpish (not like a knife) edge. Or leave it out for 10 mins.

Enjoy! And happy summer to those if you having warm weather!

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