How to make slammin sliders

How to make slammin sliders

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The ingredients: Not pictured is the ground beef or the onions. For this batch I used a spice blend instead of hot sauce.

Chop the onions. Consistent size is important. I like my onions chopped a little larger, some like them very small. I like chopping them with a knife instead of grating them or using a food professor.

I like a lot of onions!

Put chopped onions into large mixing bowl. You will need a lot of extra room.

I start adding my spices by sprinkling a healthy layer of garlic powder across the surface of the onions.

Add the rest of the dry spices and stir well.

Stir in wet ingredients. I like a lot of Worcestershire sauce, enough to coat the onions and slightly pool in the bottom of the bowl.

Let the onions soak in the flavors. Notice how you can see a little bit of liquid through the onions, but they aren't drowning.

Go ahead... taste some onions! Last chance to add flavor or seasoning! (hmmm, I'll add that Tabasco sauce after all.)

Here is how I prepare my surface: parchment paper on a cutting board with plenty of plastic wrap and some Ziploc bags nearby.

Add the beef. 80/20 for me please!

Recommended: remove valuables. This could get messy. (Sorry K! :)

Mix very well. It's quite hard to "over" mix it, so don't hold back!

Now you can portion out the meat if you want. Pictured is an iPod classic to help provide a scale. The ball on the right flattens out to a patty the size of the one on the left.

One of my favorite tips is to make an indent in the center of each patty. It will plump on the grill and be flat after cooking. Or, deeper indents make a great place for your favorite condiment.

I stack the patties on parchment paper as I go. I can usually put four patties on a carefully folded piece of parchment paper. This is the side of a stack of eight.

Wrap them in plastic wrap if you plan to deep freeze them. This is a handy four-pack.

I can fit about 16 in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag. I now deep-freeze them. Now they are portable packs ready to go to any backyard barbecue!

From frozen you have a few different options to defrost.

One method is to keep in a Ziploc bag and run under flowing cold watering a tub. Here I have the bag weighed down with a weight. Note how the zipper is above water level.

But usually I just split them apart and put on a plate. Cooking from frozen ends up to be basically the same as cooking from thawed.

Enjoy! Here I have served the burgers with pickled jalapenos, grilled onions, Dijon mustard and ketchup. Dress as you prefer of course!

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