How to do loose beach waves with a jose eber hair 32mm

How to do loose beach waves with a jose eber hair 32mm

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Start with completely dry hair.

Separate hair into sections and comb to get out all knots and tangles.

Be sure to have sections wrap away from the face.

Start with hair at base of iron

Start wrapping section of hair around barrel.

Continue to wrap hair around barrel

Wrap hair all the way to the end of the barrel, hold for a couple of seconds depending on thickness of hair, length, etc.

It should look like this

After finishing the first layer, take down another layer of hair.

Once everything is curled it will look like tjo

Shake out curls with fingers

Loosen the curls to give them a more laid back appearance

And done! Perfect beach waves!

Watch the video: Curly Hair Tutorial (July 2022).


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