How to decorate a box as an ice cream boat

How to decorate a box as an ice cream boat

Spread some brown resin clay on the white resin clay and make a ball. Tear the edge by a toothpick.

Dig some holes on the top to make it more alike an ice-cream scoop.

By this method, we could mix and match many different ice-cream scoops cabochons

Place the cabochons on the box to check the positions.

Make the cream clay ready and I will use a star shape tip for this project.

Test the cream clay first.

Make some cream heads around the box. Then, filled the middle with cream clay. Place the cabochons on and no glue is needed cause the cream clays could glue them well already.

Finally, decorated with some beads.

Put some deco sauce if liked and finished. This method also applied for phone cover. Thanks for watching!

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