How to paint caribou with your fingers

How to paint caribou with your fingers

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Start with priming your canvas with a mixture of liquid white and black.

A small amount of blue on your chip brush. Make small X patterns then blend lightly with horizontal strokes.

I added the hint of some wispy clouds with some white on the chip brush.

Mix some blue an crimson together and knife on the top of your mountain range.

Now for the fun part!

Fingerpaint the color down the mountain, following the mountains natural contour.

Add white to your knife and lightly drag snow down. DO NOT PUSH! Let the canvas take what it wants.

Add sunlight with a little red in with your white.

Add a third color in with some gray.

Add a fourth color in with some straight blue.

Add blue background land with your chip brush. Clean brush and tap in foreground with brown and sienna on your chip brush.

Add a second coat of brown and black to your foreground.

Sketch your caribou with your pinky. I used the knife to scrape away the excess paint. Start blocking in your caribou colors. Sienna, brown, and white mixes.

More detail

More detail with pinky

Add some black to the shadows. I added some straight red on his body in a couple if spots as well.

Use the knife on the antlers then sign with your pinky.

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