How to make sautéed tomato & onion

How to make sautéed tomato & onion

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Take out your ingredients.

Chop onions.

Add olive oil to the bottom of a small frying pan and turn it on high heat.

Add onions and stir.

Cut your tomato while the onions sauté. Stir occasionally.

Cut the tomatoes in larger cubes than the onions.

Lightly brown the onions.

Add in the tomatoes.

Add the salt and pepper.

This is what it should look like when it's done. You want the tomatoes and the onions to be soft.

Enjoy with some pita bread!

I made this guide with one tomato and one onion for my sister but the way I like it is with one tomato and half an onion or with two tomatoes and one whole onion.

Also this tastes even better if you dice up an eggplant or squash and sauté it in (after the onions but before the tomatoes). Be sure to add a lot more olive oil if you are doing it this way.

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