How to create a fashion croqui

How to create a fashion croqui

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Draw an hour glass that is more curved on the left side. The upper portion will be the upper body and the lower portion will be the hip area.

Draw the shape of the thigh,knee and leg that's supporting the body. The knee, for now, is oval-shaped.

Draw the other leg, the right leg such that the knee is bent. But again, draw the knee as an oval.

Draw in the neck and head. The head, will be another oval shape.

Create oval shapes on the two shoulders. Then, extend lines for the arms. Create half diamond shapes for the hands, for now.

Put in the internal lines, such as the neckline, bust line and waist line. Then create the shaping of the upper body for the bust and waist. Also put in the curved lines for the upper legs.

On a new sheet of tracing paper, copy the silhouette of the croqui figure and the internal lines as shown. Have fun!

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