How to make an origami crane

How to make an origami crane

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Start with a square of paper

Flip it over

Then fold it into a triangle

Then fold again

And again

Then unfold and there will be a crease

Then take one of the corners

And fold it over

Like this⬆

Flip over

And do the same

Then fold the edges along the crease

Then fold the top down


Then fold it back

Then unfold and fold the top corners forward

After unfolding , lift the bottom corner

Open up

And you get this

Flip over

And do the same

Then fold the edges in

Do both sides

Fold the "legs" up on an angle


Turn in the side

And open

Fold the long ends up

Turn on the side


Pull the ends out

Then fold one side into a beak

And fold down the wings

Take the little hole in the bottom and blow into it to puff the body out

And here it is! A pretty crane.

You can make them in many colors and sizes. Thanks for reading!!

Watch the video: Origami Crane - Easy-to-follow tutorial (July 2022).


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