How to cook biko / sweet sticky rice

How to cook biko / sweet sticky rice

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Cook sticky rice in rice cooker. This is 2.5 cups rice. Water should be at a lesser quantity when cooking sticky rice. I used 2cups of water for 2.5cups rice.

Toast black sesame (for garnishing later). I used fennel seeds as I couldnt find anise. They have the same licorice aroma.

Coconut powder (didnt have fresh coconut milk :), sugar, vanilla

Step 1. Dissolve coconut powder in lukewarm water. I used around 2 - 2.5 cups coconut powder.

Step 2. Toast fennel seeds / anise on pan

Step 3. After toasting the fennel seeds/anise, pour the coconut mixture

Step 4. Add sugar. Adjust amount of sugar to your taste.

Step 5. Add few drops of vanilla.

Step 6. Stir until you reach a bit of sticky consistency.

Step 7. Add the cooked sticky rice.

Here's the finished product, with mango puree, garnished with toasted black sesame and diced mangoes.

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