How to cook a simple lebanese 3 sauces and sausage wrap

How to cook a simple lebanese 3 sauces and sausage wrap

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Remove the skin of the italian sausage

Put some canola oil in a fry pan. (Medium heat)

Add cumin and thyme. This step is facultative and you can put every spices you want

When its ready put the pieces of sausage on a absorbing paper

Now you have to make the first sauce. I call it the Torino sauce. Basically you take the same pan of the sausage and you put the cucumber sauce in it and it will take all the flavors of the sausage

Add the cucumber sauce/dressing the pan

Mix it and scratch the bottom of the pan so all the cooking flavors incorporate in the sauce

Take the pita bread, open it, and take roasted garlic hummus ( or other hummus )

Spread a little bit of hummus on the pita bread ( this is the second sauce )

Put a little bit of the Torino sauce

Spread it

Wash lettuce

Put the lettuce on the pita

Put the piece of sausages

Add cucumber sauce/ dressing

Roll it and ENJOY ! :)

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