How to make an origami rose!!!

How to make an origami rose!!!

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Start off with your A4 paper (or your square paper) and your scissors.

If you had A4 paper, cut it to make a square.

Top Tip: you may want to keep the end you cut off so you can use it as a template to cut another square when you make your next rose! :)

Take your square of paper and place it on a flat surface. E.g. A table.

Fold paper in half and unfold to make a crease.

Fold the paper in half the other way and unfold to make a crease.

Fold all of the four corners into the middle.

Fold the corners in again.

Fold the corners into the middle one more time.

Fold the corners that are in the middle out (but not all the way) to make the first set of petals.

Fold the corners in the middle out to make the next layer of petals.

Fold the last layer of corners that are in the middle to make the last layer of petals.

Now your rose is finished so you can colour it in. (or you can leave it plain) Thanks for watching!!!

Watch the video: How to make: PAPER ROSE. DIY (July 2022).


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