How to put on the japanese dress (yukata)

How to put on the japanese dress (yukata)

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This is my old family picture. My mom and my sister put on the Japanese dress. We don't wear the traditional dresses in our everyday life, but these are a popular for ceremonies.

My best friend and I wore the Japanese dress. This dress is called "yukata", it is the popular dress for summer.

Yukata, 2 sashes, pre-obi, obi, obi-ita

wear the Yukata

Hold both overlaps with both hands away from the body, and lift it off the floor. Lower the Yukata slowly to adjust its length.

Continue to hold the Yukata tightly. Open up the left overlap and bring the right overlap over the body.

Continue to hold the Yukata tightly. bring the left overlap over the right overlap and hold its end with the right hand.

Tie the first sash around the waist.

Fix the collar. Use both hands to remove any creases around the waist on both the back and front of the body.

Tie the upper overlap with a second sash.

Put on the Pre-Obi.

Put on the Obi-Ita. It is used for maintain the shape of the Obi.

Tie the Obi.

Make a bow

Move the bow towards the back.


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