How to make drunken gummy bears

How to make drunken gummy bears

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I've tried this with cheaper brands of gummy bears and have found that they turn to slime. I prefer Haribo brand.

Put bears in a glass container. (Mini bears on the left, regular size on the right) I use mason jars, they are handy to store and shake up.

Today I am making two different flavors of bears. Fluffed Marshmallow & Green Apple. (Do Not Mix!! These are in separate jars) I have tried in the past with plain vodka, rum & coconut rum, all good.

Pour vodka over the bears to cover. Mix up. This is where a mason jar comes in handy to just shake up the jar.

Clearly label the flavors, and to warn others of the alcohol content.

At this stage they look appetizing, put them where candy loving children cannot reach.

I store mine in the refrigerator. Every few hours I give them another shake. Let infuse for at least 24 hours. The bears will soak up all of the alcohol the longer they sit.

Makes a fun party addition. Be careful tho, these pack a punch!

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