How to professionally wax your vehicle

How to professionally wax your vehicle

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You need to wash your vehicle and shammy it after to take away water spots.

When waxing only use cloths for that wax (when using a cloth to apply and a cloth to buff off for step 1only use them for Step1 don't use the same cloths with Step 2 or 3)

To start waxing your vehicle put it in a shaded area. Apply the Scratch Remover on the scratch and buff it off in a circular motion

Apply Step 1 with a clean cloth then let it dry and buff it off with a separate cloth. Don't leave it on the paint to long because its a pain to take off. Use only step 1 cloths for Step1.

Step 1 needs to be applied more than 1 time if its an older vehicle, minimum 3 times. Step 1 removes oxidation which is the faded look cars get when not protected. It also removes all previous waxes

Apply Step 2 the same way you applied Step1, preferably it would be best with two coats of this. Step 2 seals the paint and gives it a dark wet look. Use separate cloths for Step 2.

Apply this the same way as Step2, with 2 coats. Step 3 gives the best protection you can get from a wax. Separate cloths for Step 3

When all steps are applied ( you only need to apply each step once if you want, it just looks better when extra coats are applied) the wax is good for a year till you should do it again.

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