How to make the best deviled eggs/peel an egg fast

How to make the best deviled eggs/peel an egg fast

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Simple ingredients :) it's the white vinegar that really gives the eggs a nice zing.

Get your eggs, now you don't want them to be fresh eggs so get some from the store about 3 days before making your eggs. Also make sure you have a single layer of eggs.

Add a little salt it will help the eggs boil.

Place on high and wait until the water boils. You'll know when it boils because you'll hear the eggs clack together.

While waiting get your piping bag ready. I use a #30 Wilton tip :)!

Once it begins to boil cover for ONE MINUTE!

After one minute turn off the heat and allow to cook for 12 minutes.

Once your 12 minutes are up toss your eggs into the strainer. Run COLD water over them, this stops them from cooking.

You can also fill your pot with cold water to help them get cold. Allow this to set for 5 minutes.

OKAY!! This is where the fun part comes in!!! Grab a small pot fill it with about 1 1/2 cups of water place 3 paper plates over and shake 8 times not too hard. This will actually make lil cracks...

And then making it EXTREMELY easy to peel. It literally will come right off as seen in the photo before IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS COMMENT! The eggs must be cold and not new eggs.

Okay now cut your eggs in half and gently get the yellow out and place in a bowl.

I am making quite a bit of deviled eggs but place all your yolks in a bowl.

Crush your egg yolks and add in mayo.


Vinegar :)!

And salt.

Mix until smooth.

Nice a smooth! Yum yum yummmmm!

Fill your piping bag.

Make em beautiful!! I start from the outside of the egg making my way into the middle.

Chop some parsley VERY FINE! Now this is optional. I do it to add a little twist on the egg but taste wise it doesn't change much. If anything it makes it better :)!

Top with a lil paprika and a lil parsley and there you have it :) a beautiful tasteful deviled eggs.

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