Smithsonian Restoring the Original Star Trek Enterprise Model

Smithsonian Restoring the Original Star Trek Enterprise Model

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If you're a fan of the Star Trek series, then you will be happy to know that the Smithsonian is working on restoring the Enterprise model used in the original TV show. The model dates back to the 1970s and is actually quite sizeable. Over the years it has accumulated quite a bit of wear and tear, and it is now very deserving of a makeover. Check out the video of the process from the Smithsonian below.

The process of restoring artifacts and collectibles involves quite a bit of creative engineering and some care to detail. In order to recreate or refurbish models, great care has to be taken in order to recreate ever detail exactly. There is no better team than the crew at the Smithsonian. They spend their time fixing models and other museum pieces, essentially making them presentation ready. If you have a great attention to detail and maybe want to work with some nostalgia, the job may be for you.

[Image Source: William George]

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Watch the video: Star Trek Enterprise in 4K @ Smithsonian 21-Sept-2019 - Part 2 (July 2022).


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