Creating an English Long Bow from a Fallen Tree

Creating an English Long Bow from a Fallen Tree

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Crafting fine tools is an art that many carpenters and metal workers never master. Before modern manufacturing, everything was done by hand, which not only meant more time, but each tool ended up perfectly unique. Creating an old English Long Bow requires the perfect wood as well as a woodworker with a fine hand. In fact, this man had to wait 3 years for the wood to dry properly before he could transform it into a beautiful bow. Check out the comprehensive video of the process below.

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the construction process is the precision the craftsman showed with just an axe. He was able to finely shape and adjust the bow using the strike of hand tools. There is something that cannot be matched in hand-crafted objects, and many bow hunters feel that long bows should only be made by hand. The final product is nothing short of impressive, and it takes quite the strong hunter to be able to handle the draw strength of such a large bow. Part of the reason that the wood has to be dried for so long is to make sure it maintains perfect elasticity in the final product. if the wood it too wet, then it can split, bow, or just not be strong enough to launch the arrows.

[Image Source: John Neeman Tools]

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