New Invention Brings Smart Robotics to Everyone

New Invention Brings Smart Robotics to Everyone

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If you want to build your own robot, there aren't many off-the-shelf products you can buy other than Lego robotics or Arduinos and other parts. Many people fall in the middle of experience levels when it comes to robotics; they are too experienced to use Lego, but they don't know enough to dive fully into Arduino and coding. There is now a robotics kit that not only meets the user at their experience level, but it interfaces with current Lego robotics kits. The Cagebot robotics kit comes with an easy to use software system and components that snap together easily but are more rigid and professional than simple Legos. Check out the video below to see a little more about it.

The built in software uses a graphical programming language that can both be incredibly versatile but also easy to understand and use. Not only this, but the software incorporates a 3D modeling system so you can prototype what you want to build before you sit down and assemble it. Cagebot also can incorporate Bluetooth controls so the robots you create can be controlled right from your smartphone.

The hardware is general enough that it can be versatile for almost any robot you want to build, but also rigid enough to handle enough the toughest of tasks. The product did run an Indiegogo campaign, but it only got around 10 grand US of funding, far below their goal. However, the company did end up succeeding, and if you want to check out all of the different kits you can buy, they have a website here.

[Image Source: Cagebot]

Building impressive robots is now possible with the fully integrable Cagebot, whether you have little experience or a lot, you may want to check out this product if you are interested in getting more involved in robotics.

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