Aperture Wrench Can Fit Any Sized Nut

Aperture Wrench Can Fit Any Sized Nut

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The perfect tool has long been the search of many engineers and designers. Jon Steranka, an inventor from Seattle Washington has designed what he believes is the last wrench you will ever need to purchase. Named Aperture, it may soon replace the need for multiple wrenches in your toolbox. The inspiration for the mechanism was drawn from the aperture of a camera lens giving the wrench its name.

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Bolts, nuts, and wrenches have been around for hundreds of years, yet the designs have barely been improved upon. This new universal tool seeks to bring innovation to the stagnated wrench design. The mechanism would essentially shrink or enlarge to fit the size of the hex nut or bolt being worked with. A simple slide of the finger would manually adjust the wrench head, which would automatically lock in place. There is even a light that will make working in dark spaces a breeze.

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One of its downsides is its bulkiness, which would make it hard to use in tight spaces. For everyday jobs, it seems like the perfect wrench. Workers often maintain collections of metal wrenches for any fitting, the need for such will be eliminated with Aperture.

Not only is this tool incredibly functional, but aesthetically, it will probably be the coolest looking tool in your bag. It is projected so that consumers would be able to customize colors making it a perfect gift for any handyman. To increase functionality, every angle of the wrench was sculpted to fit the user's hands.

The last kink that needs to be worked out of the design is a problem with teething or maintaining grip on the bolts. Aperture's designers are hoping to overcome this issue soon and begin production on what is sure to be a sellout at hardware stores across the world.

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